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ScentWorks K9's Services

Explosive Detection K9s

Our bomb dogs are trained to locate over 30 explosive odors, far more than our competitors, and many are cross trained to locate guns and ammo as well. This allows our K9 teams to detect and deter anyone wanting to do harm at your concert, festival, school, church and more.

Narcotic Detection K9s

Addiction is a Health Emergency in the US and tackling it requires a multifaceted approach. Whether you're looking to ensure your facility is fostering a safe and secure environment or search your own home, our drug dogs can clear more area faster and more reliably than any human can.

Firearms Detection K9s

Our highly trained dog teams are able to work through any environment and detect the presence of guns, gun oils, powders and ammunition. All events have places of entrance and exit, with our Dog Teams at those locations, they will be able to detect or deter anyone wanting to do harm.

Electronics Detection K9s

Cell Phones and other Electronic Devices are considered contraband in some secure facilities such as prisons and rehabs. Our K9s are able to help you sniff out this contraband to keep your facility secure.

Tracking K9s

Tracking and Trailing dogs are the most utilized dogs in Search and Rescue. With the ability to follow human odor for great distances these dogs are a valuable asset in locating missing persons as well as lost pets.

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Why do I need a Dog?

There are a variety of reasons you might need a bomb dog or a drug dog.
Here are just a few examples of why you might need our K9 Security services, or where you might need them.

Rehab Centers

Hotels / Casinos

Residential Homes

Concerts / Festivals

Schools / Education


Critical Infrastructure

Houses of Worship

Other Use Cases

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