Boost your Casino/Hotel’s Security & Reputation with K9 Services

Enhance Guest Experience and Protect Your Business Today!

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K9 Emery an Explosive and Firearm/Gun Detection Dog searches bags
K9 Emery Searches Bags for Explosives and Firearms / Guns at an Expo

Boost Your Casino and Hotel's Security and Reputation with Our Expert K9 Services

Enhance Guest Experience and Protect Your Business Today!

In today’s competitive casino and hotel industry, providing a safe and secure environment for your guests is more important than ever. Our expert K9 services offer the perfect solution to enhance your security measures, safeguard your reputation, and ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction.

Our highly-trained canine security teams specialize in detecting threats, preventing incidents, and providing an extra layer of protection that sets your establishment apart from the competition. Don’t leave the safety of your guests and the success of your business to chance – invest in our professional K9 services today.

Advanced Threat Detection:

Our expertly trained K9 teams can detect a wide range of threats, including drugs, explosives, and firearms, providing unparalleled protection for your guests and staff.

Increased Guest Satisfaction:

By investing in our K9 services, you demonstrate your commitment to guest safety and security, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased loyalty.

Faster Response Times:

Canine units can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, allowing for faster response times to potential threats and ensuring a safer environment for your guests.

Cost-Effective Solution:

K9 security teams are a cost-effective alternative to traditional security measures, providing a high return on investment while reducing the risk of costly incidents.

Enhanced Reputation:

Stand out in the competitive casino and hotel industry by showcasing your commitment to guest safety and security with our professional K9 services.

Customized Security Plans:

We tailor our K9 services to meet the unique needs of your establishment, ensuring the most effective and efficient security solution.

bomb dog emery

How It Works:


Consultation and Assessment:

Schedule a consultation with our security experts to assess your casino and hotel's specific security needs and challenges.


Implementation and Training:

Our certified handlers and canines will be seamlessly integrated into your security measures, with ongoing training to maintain the highest level of effectiveness.


Customized Security Plan:

We'll develop a tailored security plan that includes our highly-trained K9 teams, designed to meet the unique requirements of your establishment.


Ongoing Support and Monitoring:

We provide continuous support and monitoring, ensuring our K9 services consistently meet your security needs and adapt to evolving challenges.

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