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Drug Dogs / Narcotic Detection Dogs

Addiction is a Health Emergency in the US and tackling it requires a multifaceted approach. Whether you're looking to ensure your facility is fostering a safe and secure environment or search your own home, our drug dogs can clear more area faster and more reliably than any human can. With a nose 40x stronger than a humans, our Narcotic Detection K9s are able to sniff out a wide variety of illegal drugs.

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Most frequent questions and answers

While we can’t give an exact number because each location, client, hours, requirements differ, a Security Dog and it’s handler is extremely affordable, even more so than many people think. When you also take into account how effective K9 Teams are when supplementing a traditional security team, a Narcotics Detection dog is extremely affordable.

Our Security K9 Team requires nothing special from you that you wouldn’t provide a normal human security team. We will bring everything required to effectively search and take care of our K9 Partners

Our Narcotic Detection Dogs are not patrol, “police”, or “dual purpose” dogs, and do not conduct any bite training or apprehension training.  They are trained in a variety of locations with varying noise levels, people, and other sensory situations to allow them to focus on their job.

Each Scenario is different as is each location’s laws and its specific rules. Because we are not law enforcement, what you decide to do with those who may attempt to bring in contraband is up to you, the client. We unfortunately cannot take custody of any narcotics for disposal, however we can point you in the right direction should you wish to dispose of it and/or get law enforcement involved.