Our dedicated K9 teams are equipped to provide our clients with a range of services to meet their unique security, tracking and training goals.

Our highly trained canines detect and identify various scents with remarkable precision. Whether searching for narcotics, explosives, or other substances, ScentWorks' detection dogs exhibit unwavering dedication and keen noses, making them a valuable asset in ensuring safety and security in various environments.

ScentWorks' tracking and search-and-rescue dogs are expertly trained to identify and follow scent trails, and are frequently successful in locating missing individuals and pets, even in challenging terrain or adverse conditions. They are a vital asset in life-saving missions, offering hope and solace to families in distress. Our tracking K9 teams are ready to respond swiftly and tirelessly to aid in the most critical moments.

ScentWorks K9 is your premier destination for expert dog training services, specializing in three critical areas: Drug Detection, Search and Rescue, and Security. Our dedicated instructors use cutting-edge techniques and apply their years of experience to help your four-legged friend develop into a highly proficient working dog. We also offer agility training and K9 behavioral training..


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